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How to Get the Best Body Piercings

For the longest time, we have known of ear and nose piercings. But things changed, and people are getting all sorts of body part piercing. When done correctly a body piercing is beautiful, but you will regret every day if you had it done wrong. For the best piercing, make sure that you get it from a qualified piercer and that you follow all the instructions given after the piercing. Let us look into detail the factors that will result in a quality piercing. Read on.

Qualified Piercer

piercer, earsBefore any further discussions, ask the person you are about to get a piercing from if they are qualified. This is very important. They should be willing to show you their certificates of qualification. Some will have them hung on their office walls. Avoid a piercer who learned the skill online or attended a one week’s training course. Such do not have the required skill, I can say, they do not qualify to be piercers.


V shaped piercingDo not shy from asking them for how long they have done the piercing job. To proof, this, ask for before and after photos of their clients. Do not consider a piercer who does not have such records. The longer they have been in the field, the better their services. You will realize that they might have done the kind of piercing you want severally. This makes them the best choice. They will have learned from their mistakes with previous clients hence it will be perfection to you.

Listen to the Piercer

It is important to put into consideration what your piercer asks of you. At times, they will ask you not to get a specific piercing because it is risky. No matter how bad you wanted it, you should consider their advice. One thing with honest professionals is that they do not only care about the cash but you.

Take Care of the Piercing

navel, piercingsThe process does not end after getting your body pierced. You must take care of the wound. Make sure to follow all the cleaning guidelines from your artist. In case of anything unusual, call them before taking up medication or even painkillers. Clean the place with the recommended antibacterial soap and keep it covered to avoid infections. In case you get infections, do not panic, call up your professional, and they will help you right away. Keep your hands off the place as well.…

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