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The Relevance of Today’s Foosball

Foosball was discovered and became a trend in Europe in the 1920s. It is a loose table version of football wherein two players try to score a goal by turning rods atop a playing box that resemble a playing field. Attached to the rods are miniature figures of football players that are used to flick the ball to attack and aiming for the goal while they are also used to defend by the other player. It became very popular in America in the 1950s and onward where it was played in homes, pubs, and bars.

From there, foosball, which is now also called table soccer or table football, has dwindled in popularity. But with some of the game’s enthusiasts, foosball is on a renaissance once again. Today, it has more relevance than it had before.

A Game of Fun for Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime

Foosball is an exciting game with two players who need not have the athletic agility that most games require. Age does not matter as long as there are ample handgrips and upper body strength. Before, foosball tables come as tabletops. Now there are free-standing foosball tables which makes it possible to enjoy the game during outdoor activities or indoors as a party game. Honestly, a foosball can be a perfect bonding activity with your loved one.

This fun game is usually found in homes, pubs, and in some workplaces too wherein it is played in between heavy workloads.table soccer

An Exciting One-Man or a Multi-Player Game

Foosball can now be played with no other player other than you. This entertaining table game has now a computer game version and is called the Foosball – Street Edition. So, you need not have a companion to play your favorite game. And if you are in a group, there is no need to play alternately on the foosball table. The computer version can be played by multiple players at the same time.

A Competitive International Sport

If you have been unbeatable playing with your family, friends and in neighborhood pubs, you can bring your foosball talents to a bigger stage. There are now tournaments for the best foosball players in cities and some states.

On August 16, 2002, the International Table Soccer Federation was inaugurated to develop and professionalize the sport. Under its guise are international tournaments such as the Multi-Table World Championships and the World Cup of foosball.

A Celebration of Art

Foosball may not only be for the sports-minded but also for the lover of art as well. The best foosball tables have been gracing homes, offices, and pubs as decorative masterpieces with their unique and beautiful designs. There are many styles and designs of foosball tables, and they come with the manufacturer’s creativity and craftsmanship to complement the architectural style of a home, office, or pub.…

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