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Wife gets copies of ex-husband’s texts and more

  • My wife and I filed for divorce last week. I noticed that, after we filed, she was able to copy and see all of the messages I've sent to other people. My service provider was flabbergasted and can't narrow it down what the problem could be. How is this possible and how can I put an end to it?
  • She could have cloned your phone - and what a violation of your privacy that would be! If that's the case, she probably bought a SIM card duplicator for $10. With access to your phone for just a few minutes and clear instructions, it's fairly easy to do. So now she can see everything that is happening on your phone right from her phone. What you need to do is contact your carrier. A factory reset of your phone could do the trick, but just to be safe, request a new SIM card too. The other option is that she used an app like mSpy, which records calls, intercepts text messages, monitors browsing, spies on email, tracks GPS location and much more. If you suspect spy apps are the problem, you could get an app like SpyCop for $99 which will go and find any spy apps, keyloggers and other sketchy apps on your phone or tablet. I am not a lawyer; you might want to seek legal advice too.

Cool Site of the Day

A new Happy Birthday song

Did you know that one of the world's most popular songs is actually copyrighted? That's right, to sing Happy Birthday in a public setting like a restaurant or theme park requires a license from The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), or the Harry Fox Agency.

That's why the Free Music Archive teamed up with radio station WFMU to challenge songwriters from across the globe to come up with a new birthday song to replace the current one. They received quite a few entries.

The first three songs on the playlist were voted the winners, but there are some other great ones in the list as well. The top two entries also have instrumental-only versions that you can sing along to.

Happy Birthday

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