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How to be invisible on Facebook

  • I would like to use Facebook as a personal journal because it's so easy to post status updates, upload pictures, etc. But I don't want anyone else to see it. Is that possible??
  • You can do this but keep in mind that everything you post on Facebook is being kept in some massive database. I don’t know your situation but if it’s a very personal journal in nature, nothing beats pen and paper that you can keep or destroy for good. Nonetheless, you came to me for help so in the upper-right corner of the Facebook page, click the upside-down triangle and choose "Settings." Then in the left column, click "Privacy." Next to "Who can see my stuff?">>"Who can see your future posts?", click "Edit." Then click the Audience Selector button, choose "More Options" and select "Only Me." If you do occasionally post something that you want friends or family to see, use the Audience Selector under the status update area to set the post to "Friends" for that one post. Of course, that isn't the only setting you need to change for total Facebook invisibility. Click here to learn about more settings that will keep the wrong people from finding you online.

Cool Site of the Day

Easter wallpapers and Facebook covers

A very important holiday is just around the corner: Easter! It's the time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and the new life coming with the advent of spring. In fact, Easter is on April 5th this year, so there's not much time to prepare.

A lot of families celebrate the Easter holiday by having Easter egg hunts, getting together for Easter dinner, and of course going to church. All of these festivities come with lots of decorations, and your computer should be no exception.

To celebrate this fun and festive holiday, I've made up custom wallpapers for you to get your gadgets in the spirit of things. Choose from four different designs for your computer desktop or a cover for your Facebook profile online. And better yet, they're all free!

And, if you're still waiting for spring, you can get my spring wallpapers and Facebook covers for a limited time. Be sure to get them for your desktop at work or at home before they go away!

Click here for the download link and instructions.

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