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Better YouTube video sharing

  • I'm trying to share some YouTube videos with my family, but I only want to send them short segments from long videos. How can I do that?
  • To create a short segment from a YouTube video, you'll need a third-party site like TubeChop. You can quickly load a YouTube video, set the beginning and end points and then create a link to share. It's simple. Of course, if you only need to set a start time for a video, go to the YouTube video and put it at the starting point you want. Then right-click on the video and choose "Get video URL at current time." Copy and share the link it gives you and you're done. Click here for five more amazing YouTube secrets you should try.

Cool Site of the Day

Free printable crosswords

One of the great joys of cracking open a good old-fashioned newspaper in these digital days is the promise of a wonderful new crossword to put pencil to - or pen if you like to live dangerously!

But once you've finished, that's it! There's no more until tomorrow. It's only a day away, but it feels like a lifetime! You want new puzzles now.

And you can have them by visiting today's cool site. Every single day, you'll find as many as seven brand new, unique crossword puzzles for you to print off and solve.

It's easy as pie: Just click on the link and print right out of your browser! I recommend printing two pages per sheet, because you only use one piece of paper and the letters and boxes turn out about the same size as the newspaper that way.

Free Crosswords

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