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Make money watching TV

  • I was listening to your national radio show on WSB 750 AM in Atlanta. Was I dreaming when I heard you say that I can make money by watching TV?
  • If you’re also dreaming of fast cars, mansions, and exotic vacations, this is not the way. A little extra money is all you’ll get. Viggle is like a modern TV Guide, but with interactive features and rewards for watching your favorite shows. Viggle can figure out what show you're watching just by listening to the dialogue. There are also live chats to discuss your favorite shows and questions about the show you're currently watching. The longer you watch Viggle-supported shows, the more points that you earn. You can then redeem these points for rewards like gift cards to major stores. Not your style? Click here for ways to make money by giving your opinions or shopping.

Cool Site of the Day

History vs. Hollywood: Separating fact from fiction in popular movies

We all know that Forrest Gump wasn't really front and center when the University of Alabama was desegregated. He didn't really meet President Kennedy and tell him that he had to pee after drinking "about 15 Dr. Peppers," or show President Lyndon B. Johnson exactly where he was shot in Vietnam. We know that he wasn't really on The Dick Cavett Show with John Lennon and he didn't really inspire Elvis' iconic dance moves.

But thanks to some clever camera tricks and some good old fashioned movie magic, you are led to believe that Forrest really was a part of all this great American history. In fact, that's part of why the movie won Best Picture back in 1995.

That being said, there is an astonishing amount of movies that are based on true stories - only with these true stories, it's harder to tell what really happened and what was added for Hollywood flair. The differences between fact and fiction aren't as easy to tell as they are in "Forrest Gump."

That's where this fun site comes in handy.

Find out what's fact and what's fiction in your favorite movies.

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