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Make your iPad safe for kids

  • My little one is always asking to use my iPad, but I'm afraid she's going to mess something up. Is there an app I can run to keep her out of places she shouldn't be?
  • The iPad actually has the feature you want built in. It's called Guided Access and you can find it under Settings>>General>>Accessibility. Turn it on and set the pass code. Then load up an app your daughter wants to use and press the Home button three times. Now she's locked in that app until you enter the pass code. Learn more secrets to using Guided Access, plus two more iPad tricks you'll want to know.

Cool Site of the Day

Best smartphone comparison charts now updated and improved

Tell me if this sounds familiar: It's time to upgrade your old smartphone, but you have no idea which new model to pick. There are so many choices out there that trying to find the gadget that's right for you can be downright overwhelming.

If that sounds like you, you're part of the reason why we've created handy comparison charts updated with all of the latest models, so you can easily make your decision, pressure- and commitment-free.

Should you buy the new iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6? Maybe there's a model out there you don't even know about yet. Did you know you could get the high-end Moto X for as little as $1?

There are plenty of things you need to factor in to your buying decision, like price, features and service compatibility. Luckily for you, our charts have all of that information and more. We've created charts for high-end, mid-level and free smartphones.

We also have a chart comparing phablets - the bigger phones that are like a phone/tablet hybrid.

Study the comparison charts, so you know which smartphone is right for you when your next upgrade comes around.

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