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Remove a keylogger with ease

  • I think someone installed a keylogger on my computer. Would a System Restore get rid of it?
  • Possibly. System Restore will be enough to get rid of commercial keyloggers. However, hacker-made keyloggers might have ways of resisting a System Restore wipe - if they even let you use System Restore at all. Your best bet for that is to use like KL-Detector to find it and then a program like SpyReveal to remove it. You can try a recovery disk as well, but you might want to wipe the drive altogether and start from scratch. A keylogger is a serious enough problem to merit that drastic of a solution.

Cool Site of the Day

The surprising amount your data is worth

I've told you before how advertisers are pulling out all of the stops to track your data. However, wouldn't it be great to know just how valuable you really are to them?

This eye-opening tool paints a startling picture. To use it, you answer a few questions about your hobbies, health, whether you own a home and more. This is the kind of data many advertisers have about you.

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