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Sharing audio files the easy way

  • I am the audio tech at the church for Bible study and we have a guest speaker each week. Every Sunday, I record the lessons and put them on a CD for the congregation and deliver them to each person's home. There has to be an easier and more convenient way to get this audio to them. What do you suggest?
  • There are quite a few different alternatives you can try. If your church already has a blog or Facebook page, you're halfway there. You could use Google Drive to post the audio files. The good thing about Google Drive is that it will take very large file sizes, so uploading the file shouldn't be a problem. The other options to try are Soundcloud or YouTube. Just post the audio, and then use the share links to post to your Facebook page or website.

Cool Site of the Day

Get the inside scoop on travel destinations

A guide book can tell you plenty of generic facts about a place. What if you want specifics from insiders on the best places to eat, what sites to see and places to stay? This site is made just for you.

It's a searchable travel guide that gives you all sorts of fun facts about travel destinations. You'll find color-coded maps, things to see, eat, and do to make your trip more fun while you're there.

Today's site has tips to keep you healthy and safe during your trip too. It gives you information about crime, general health advisories and other information you need to prevent a travel disaster. For example, there's a lengthy article on driving etiquette in Mexico.

If the information on your favorite destination or hometown is lacking, you can edit it to help out other travelers.


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