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Future car technology

  • Since it looks like flying cars are never going to "take off" (pardon the pun), what other game-changing car tech do you see on the horizon?
  • While there are flying cars on the market - like the Terrafugia - I don't see them becoming something for the everyday driver. Self-driving cars will happen first. However, there are other cool advances coming to make your car better, like airless tires. Imagine the most perfect mix of comfort and performance possible, and no way to get a flat. Sign me up. Click here for four more automotive advances you won't want to miss.

Cool Site of the Day

Replace missing dishes and silverware

Many people prefer to buy things in matching sets. Plates, silverware and cups are all good examples.

But what happens if one piece breaks? If the set was expensive or is no longer manufactured, finding a replacement can be a problem.

Replacements Ltd. was founded specifically to replace missing pieces of sets. It has more than 12 million pieces in its inventory of china, crystal and silver. You can search through every available manufacturer and piece type.

You'll be surprised at the scope of what's available. The site hosts some items that are more than 100 years old. Replacements also offers collectible items and a bridal registry service.

Complete dining sets are also available for sale.

There are visual guides to help you find the correct piece. It even has pattern-matching for china. If you're really stuck, you can send Replacements a picture and its pattern identification service will identify the piece for you.

In the unlikely event that your item isn't on hand, Replacements can still help. After you sign up for free and use their request service, the site will continually search for your item through private sellers. When it's available, you'll get an e-mail.

Or, if you are having any other kind of trouble, the site has a 1-800 number you can call seven days a week.

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