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Keep porn off Wi-Fi

  • How can I keep porn off our home Wi-Fi network?
  • There's actually a free service made just for this kind of thing. It's called OpenDNS. With a few quick tweaks to your router, you can block any type of content you don't in your home. It's a powerful system, but choosing the settings you want can be intimidating for some people. So, OpenDNS has a pre-configured option called Family Shield. that's set to block what most people find objectionable. That's free for home use as well.

Cool Site of the Day

Keep an eye on the government

For the last 200 years, brave Americans have fought to ensure that a government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

The trouble is that most people have busy lives, and the government is a complex and convoluted entity. It's difficult to keep track of the issues you care about at the local level, much less state and federal levels.

Today's cool site is a non-partisan, non-profit website dedicated to making information about government easily accessible.


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