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Temporary email

  • I'd like to sign up for an online service, but I don't want to use my main email address. I also don't want to open a new email account just for this. Any suggestions?
  • You're in luck. There are services to create temporary email addresses. Mailnator is a good one. Its email addresses only last for an hour or so. Then they disappear and the mail is erased. That's enough time to register for an online site. If you like it, you can switch your site account to your main email address later.

Cool Site of the Day

Track and prepare for wildfires and other disasters

The wildfire spreading in and around Yosemite National Park is sad, not to mention scary. Several people have already been evacuated and homes are threatened.

But the fire isn't only affecting the park and surrounding residents. San Francisco gets much of its drinking water from that area and is already scrambling for alternatives.

It's just further proof that any disaster can cause problems over a large area. You want to pay attention and be prepared for the worst.

That's why I've rounded up the best resources to keep tabs on this dangerous and destructive situation, to help you stay safe and better yet, informed.

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