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How to Choose a Photo Rental Booth

A photo booth is a great way to entertain guests in your event. Be it a birthday party, a wedding or a family get together. There are many packages to choose from, and you must be careful of the selection you make. The choice you will make will depend on your event and budget. If you are in search of Napa Valley Photo Booth Rentals, below are factors to you must consider.


Girls with propsPhoto booths make events more fun. However, you must be sure that the venue of your event is suitable for a photo booth. Ask the management of the venue if they allow photo booths in their premises. If you are hosting the party at home, you will not be required to consult but have it done.

Booth Aesthetic

There is a feel and space created by photo booths. You should have it clear in your mind and do everything to achieve it. Ensure that the booth takes the theme of the event. If you have a small space, figure it out how it will fit because they tend to take a lot of space. The bottom line is, they should be beautiful and follow the theme of the event.

Printed Photos

Photo booth picturesThe quality and size of the printed photos tell it all. Some of your guests might want to take some of the photos home, so the printouts should be excellent. Before hiring the photo booth services, ask them to produce some of their hard copy photos and gauge their quality. In addition to quality, they should be able to provide different sizes of the same. More to that, you can ask your guests to come with their USB drives for soft copies.


Almost all photo booths have props as part of their packages. But are the props appropriate for the event? Will your guests love them? To be sure, ask the company to send you some of their props. You can as well ask them to follow the theme of the event when creating the props. Some will allow you to come with your own.


Cost of photo booth rentalsWe cannot ignore cost when planning an event. The photo booth services you hire must be affordable and within your budget. Many photo booth services charge their services per hour, and you should be able to have them throughout the event. The most expensive services are not always the best but cheap is expensive, make a wise selection.…

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Tips on Selecting a Wedding Photographer

A wedding is among the most important events in life. It marks the beginning of a new life with someone you love and whom only death should separate you from. Being such a big event, people should keep moments. Yes, they will be captured in your head, but having them in hardcopy or softcopies is a good idea. This brings us to a wedding photographer.

The kind of photographer you choose will determine the kind of photos you will have. You, of course, need clear images and the best moments captured. The results will solely depend on the kind of photographer you choose. To help you out, we have compiled tips which will guide you in the selection of the best wedding photographer. Read on


maids of owner, weddingYour friends and family can be of great help in the search. It will be best if they already used their services before. This gives you some assurance that they will do a great job in relation to previous works. I always advise people to meet the recommended service provider before the big day. One man’s meat is another man’s poison; hence, their services might not be what you are looking for even if your friend loved them.

If you do not have anyone who can recommend them to you or you did not like the recommended one, you can search online. The good thing with searching online is that you will get to see their work even before talking to them. Almost all photographers have active websites or social media pages where they display their work. Get the contacts of the ones with the style you love.

Face to Face Meeting

bride and groomBy the end of your search, you should have at least five wedding photographers. To cut down the list, call them and ask about their schedule, charges and other factors of importance to you. By the time you are done making the calls, you should have at least three photographers in your list. Arrange for a face to face meeting with them. During the meeting, make sure to observe important things like punctuality and how they carry themselves around people.


Never work with any service provider without a contract. All details even the ones which sound small should be written down and signed by both parties. Things like time of arrival, departure and payment terms should be in the contract. This will help you in case of disputes.…

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